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The Brendan Voyage (gift box-set)

Brendan Voyage BoxsetThe Brendan Voyage gift box-set, containing a copy of Tim Severin's book and Shaun Davey's CD of the same name, has been a unique item in the Tara Music catalogue for many years now, so it is with great regret that have to announce that we are going to discontinue production of the gift-set (but not The Brendan Voyage CD).
The good news is that a number of copies of this beautifully packaged gift set are still available from online retail stores.
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We have received a limited stock of
De Dannan
's classic
1991 release
Hibernian Rhapsody CD artwork 'Hibernian Rhapsody'

This 16 track album includes, vocalist Tommy Flemming along with Frankie Gavin, Colm Murphy, Derek Hickey and Alec Finn.
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CD artwork Soundpost & BridleTHE NEFF BROTHERS are an unique duet with a wonderful wealth of traditional music and are amongst most proficient and exciting talents. Mastering the energy of Dance Tunes and the emotion of Slow Airs is the highlight of these multi-award winning traditional musicians and composers.
Soundpost and Bridle is an excellent debut with just pipes and fiddle, with the drones and regulators providing the accompaniment. It’s here that the real talent of the Neffs shows itself in fine accurate, often exhilarating, playing. More Info.


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Rita Connolly

CD artwork for ValparaisoFrom humble beginnings singing in small Dublin folk clubs Rita Connolly has scaled a variety of musical heights, across a wide variety of genres unlike any singer. An immensely gifted and evocative singer, she scarcely gets mentioned in the roll call of greats in the idiom which is partly due to her detachment from the usual Irish folk hierarchy, and partly due to the relative rarity of her public adventures. With Valparaiso, her second solo album, Rita has revisited her contemporary Irish roots with songs by Sonny Condell and Leo O'Kelly joining material by, husband, Shaun Davey and Sebastion Barry. Her vocals are exemplary as ever, and some intriguing choices. Irving Berlin's 'Shakin' The Blues Away' and Mike Nesmith's 'Rio' get the Connolly treatment. Tasteful musicianship and arrangements welded to the magnificent voice of Rita Connolly make 'Valparaiso' a treat for tired ears. More Info

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Tara Music present
Three albums of Irish Ballads.

Classic Irish Ballads from the legendary Diarmuid O'Leary & The Bards - Memories of Ireland fearures 20 songs that are synonymous with Ireland by The Emerald Singers - The Best of Irish Ballads contains 13 songs from John Ahern of The Jolly Beggermen . More Info
Classic Irish Ballads Memories of Ireland The Best of Irish Ballads

Concerning of Three Young Men
The Voice Squad

Concerning of Three Young Men CD artworkTara Music is delighted to announce the release of, ‘Concerning Of Three Young Men’, the first new studio album of The Voice Squad in over twenty years.
This new album once again emphasizes the group’s Traditional Irish roots with beautiful versions of classic Irish songs, As I Roved Out, The Rambling Irishman, The Night Visiting Song (I Must Away), and The Bonny Light Horseman. With twelve tracks in all, this album captures the sound that is The Voice Squad.
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Looking for something a bit DIFFERENT?
CD artwork First SignFirst Sign
by Treehouse Diner

With their album 'First Sign', Treehouse Diner present a unique blend of Pop, Rock and Funk - Now Available to Download for the first time
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